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          Jiangxi Xintao Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002, which was restructured from a few of existing companies. XINTAO located in West Section, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Pingxiang. Our main products are molecular sieve, inert ceramic balls, activated alumina, random and structured chemical packing in ceramic, plastic & metal, honeycomb ceramics, alumina grinding balls, etc.

          XINTAO has an annual manufacturing capacity of 5000 ton molecular sieves, 5000 ton of inert ceramic balls, 2000 ton activated alumina, 20000 m?of varieties types of chemical packings, 3000 m? of honeycomb ceramics etc. We have exported our products to more than 80 countries and areas with good feedback.

          For better development and strengthen inner management, therefore XINTAO has certified to ISO 9001:2008, and supply to this standard as a minimum. Xintao also has certified with ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2008...


          Add: West section, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Pingxiang, Jiangxi 337000 China

          Tel: +86-799-6611966 6611995 6611555

          Fax: +86-799-6611965

          Website: http://en.xt988.com

          Email: info@xt988.com


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          Address: West section, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Pingxiang, Jiangxi 337000 China Tel:+86-799-6611966 Email:info@xt988.com

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